Mega-Faith - Sermon on May 31, 2017 by Ray Pritchard, president of Keep Believing Ministries, on

  Matthew 15:21-28 

Keywords: a Canaanite, her daughter,  this woman had everything going against he, partents understand, Jesus silent, Jesus dealt with people as individuals, God's silence does not always mean "no";Faith only grows when it is tested; dogs,You're a dog, and so am I!; "Lord help me!" -This prayer will take us home to heaven


A Day in the Life of Jesus - by Tim Cain, Kaleo-Church, California, on June 17th, 2017 on

 Mark 1:21-39 

Keywords: the obsession with celebrities;  It’s a Saturday morning in Capernaum; a man crying..; the Demon tells Jesus that he knows who he is; "We think of Demons as so evil and terrible but they obey when Jesus speaks to them."... Jesus began to heal the sick and to cast the demons out of the possessed,... Jesus is powerful; he loved spending time with his Father; ... Jesus dependence upon God freed him from being controlled by other people,... self-pity focusse; ...when we depend upon ourselves we fail

Touching the Untouchables -  Sermon by Jeremy Myers on

 Luke 5:12-16 

Keywords: Lepra, a visit in India; live outside the town; Jesus heals lepe, to keep communication with God central in our lives, the much of modern Christianit, to be touched by Jesus



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