Leper - Sermon by Tim Cain in the Kaleo Church on July 15th, 2017 on


Mark 1:40-45 

Keywords: rejection hurts so much; leprosy is an infectious disease; leprosy was seen as a curse by God; Jesus did what no one else had ever been willing to do;...Sin separates, sin breaks relationship;...the way that Jesus treats lepers is meant to be a picture of how he treats sinners


Be a Mathhew - Sermon by Christian Cheong from Kim Tian Christian Church in Singapore on Nov 25, 2008 on

 Luke 5,27-32 

Keywords: Levi = Matthew ( Matt 9:9-12) = Evangelist; "Today we are hard-pressed to find good, talented and intelligent leaders to run companies and govern nation, but Jesus chose a tax-collecto".r; "People look at Matthew’s sin. Jesus looks at his need.": sick, wrong, sinners, Jesus eat with ..;


Compel them to come in - Sermon by Chuck Brooks from the Grace Bible Baptist Church, Baltimore, Maryland on

  Luke 14: 7-24 

Keywords: we organized a new church;  planning meeting;  invite the poor, the maimed, the lame, the blind ; “spiritually blind”; Adam and Eve; tasted the goodness of the Lord ;  the master’s gracious generosity;  a rational decision to trust God based

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